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Challenging Teenage Sons Blog

Transforming Conflict to Cooperation

Teaching Your Son to Respect Women

By Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC  July 19, 2014

WomenAs a parent coach, I frequently hear mothers of difficult teenage sons - especially divorced mothers - say that theirs sons are disrespectful of them. The mothers complain they don’t receive enough appreciation for their love and for giving them whatever they can, maternally and materially.

What’s painful for me to hear is that many of the mothers have to behave like men in order to enforce their values – getting intense, raising their voices, becoming rigid. As a result of living this way, mothers tell me they feel less feminine and less attractive to men.

The mothers become deeply saddened that the sons they love so much are not becoming the courteous and courageous young man they hoped to have.

What Works

At the Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend (www.ymuw.org) and at Challenging Teenage Sons (www.ChallengingTeenageSons.com) we use the RIGHT Way® for Family Unity method to mentor young men how to have respectful relationships with women, whether it be with their mothers, teachers, girlfriends, or fellow students.

How to Start Using RIGHT Way® for Family Unity

The RIGHT Way® for Family Unity integrates ageless family wisdom with the sciences of adolescent brain development, parent bonding, personal growth and stress management. It's a concrete, proven system that shows parents how to prevent problems with their pre-teens and how to restore caring and mutually beneficial relationships with their challenging teenage sons.

To learn more about it, click here

Read This Article

You are invited to read an article I wrote, “Teaching Your Son to Respect Women” that is normally only available to CTS Members. This article includes the exact words we recommend parents use to educate their sons to have healthier, more resourceful relationships with women.

To read it, click here


Dr. Mark

PS - Please share this article with other parents who could benefit from this insightful and important information.



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Transforming Conflict to Cooperation
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