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Parenting Workshop (San Rafael in November 2017)

Everything taught at this workshop is designed to help your son look within, to find the answers to his challenges. This will satisfy his need to start thinking for himself. Of course, we'll teach you how to make it safe for him to ask you for help, but the emphasis is on his personal growth and his problem solving skills.I'll teach you how to restore your relationship with your son AND how to have more time and energy to remember who you are, and to enjoy your life more! (San Rafael in November 2017 at CTS Office located at 1050 Northgate Dr San Rafael, CA. 94903 (415) 785 - 8818)

$ 295.00

If you like boot camps, you'll like this workshop - no one has ever told me the workshop is boring! It's insightful, exciting, soulful, revealing, relaxing and intense.

My integral approach to teaching includes ceremonies, PowerPoint, open forum discussion, storytelling, stress reduction techniques, role playing, music and handouts. This involves everyone in the learning experience.

I love making parents laugh! Humor occupies a large part of the workshop. How else can we bear the burdens of parenting our challenging teenage sons!

I'm passionate and capable of helping people discover the right answers to their challenges. I really enjoy giving my gift of helping parents convert their personal and family issues into understandable concepts and then into practical solutions.

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