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Dr. Mark Schillinger is an expert in male teenage adolescent development and a leader in rite of passage initiation for young men. He’s been called a “teen whisperer” because of his ability to help teens discover their inner wisdom and use their talents to better adapt to the challenges of the adult world.

His RIGHT Way for Family Unity® is a proven method that shows adults how to foster respectful and cooperative relationships with tweens, teens and young men. The method integrates ancestral tribal family wisdom with the sciences of adolescent brain development, parent-child attachment bonding, personal growth, positive discipline and stress management.

Ingrid Bennett
Program Coordinator, 
Hospital Physicians Partner

"Dr. Schillinger’s presentation at our conference was motivational, insightful, provocative and inspiring. Doctors gained a directional compass toward better understanding their patients and themselves."

Dr. Leslie Hewitt

"There are many life coaches and healers, but none with the repertoire or deep wisdom that Dr. Mark has. He’s the most experienced, expansive teacher and coach I’ve ever had. His RIGHT Way method will assist you and your family to clear old patterns and beliefs to allow you to enjoy your life more.
I was very impressed by the dedication and passion that Dr. Mark brought to his subject of Raising Healthy Boys. His presentation was thoughtful and engaging, the opposite of your typical lecture. In fact, it was not only thought-provoking, but sensitive and funny! I would highly recommend seeing Dr. Mark work his magic. It was an honor to experience.”

Danielle Zuckerman, Abacus Wealth Partners

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Dr. Mark’s Most Popular Presentations About Young Men
The RIGHT Way to Guide Young Men
The RIGHT Way to Guide Young Men - This workshop will show you why most of the modern approaches to working with young men, including talk therapy, can fall short of their goals. By combining the wisdom from ancient rite of passage initiations and adolescent male biology, you’ll learn how to inspire and motivate young men to become accountable for their lives and prepare for the challenges of the adult world. 
Mark Mentoring Young Men at YMUW
Challenging Young Men to Be Happier & More Independent 
For hundreds of thousands of years, tribal mentors knew how to challenge, or arouse, our sons to discover their healthy masculine wisdom. In this workshop, you’ll learn how to guide a young man to become profoundly happy within himself, and become a meaningful contributor to his family and community. 
Dr. Mark at the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend
Dr. Mark Addressing Mentors

Dr. Mark's Most Popular Family Presentations

RIGHT Way to for Families to Handle Stress and Anxiety
We live in a culture that causes adults and teens to experience overwhelming amounts of work and school stress, and that also distracts them with devices that keep them focused on social media, endless entertainment and over-the-top commercialism. Our shared ancestral tribal wisdom teachers us that in order for families to be able to successfully adapt to the challenges of life, they must know how to remain calm and to keep their focus on having more caring and cooperative relationships. This workshop shows families how to relax quickly, and how to work together to thrive, both individually, and as a family. 
Family That Coaches with Dr. Mark
The RIGHT Way to Unify Your Divorced Family
This workshop shows parents how to raise resilient children by teaching them how to set aside their painful emotions and effectively combine their values. Dr. Mark shares how he and his former wife, Suzanne, transformed their divorced marriage from arguments to agreements. They successfully dedicated their relationship to teaching their children the values they knew that they needed to learn in order to live meaningful and productive lives.

(Suzanne Alfandari is a Licensed Family & Marriage Therapist who often teaches this workshop with Mark)
Mark & Suzanne
A Partial List of Other Presentations Taught by Dr. Mark

Family Unity and Young Men
Parenting with Tranquility, Empathy, Integrity and Authority
Communicating and Motivating Young Men to Fulfill Their True Potential
Creating Family Unity - Without Anxiety, Anger or Arguments
Leading Your Family in the RIGHT Direction 
Showing Young Men How to Set & Complete Their Goals
Raising Children with Feminine and Masculine Wisdom
The 5 Forces That Make it Difficult to Raise Young Adults
Why Young Men Must Have a Rite of Passage initiation
Spiritual Dynamics of Practical Parenting 

Personal Growth
The RIGHT Way to Be Truly Happy 
Get Your Mind RIGHT: You Are What You Think & Do 
Get Your Diet RIGHT: Eating for Energy Not for Entertainment 
Becoming the Chief Energy Officer of Your Life 
Moving Your Life in the RIGHT Direction 
The RIGHT Way to Communicate with Clarity and Confidence 

Organizational Development
The RIGHT Way to Have Productive Relationships 
The RIGHT Way to Communicate with Calmness, Clarity and Confidence
The RIGHT Way to Create the Ultimate Performance Team

Dr. Mark can modify or create presentations to meet the needs of your organization.

For complete descriptions of workshops and presentations, contact us.

Ceremony at Parent Workshop

Dr. Mark Teaching at The New Living Expo
"I cannot express how much I appreciated your presentation to our Rite of Passage kids and their mentors. The things you shared and the exercises you did truly captured the essence of our intention in the youngsters becoming young adults.

I know that the questions and exercises you posed for the kids were ones that will stay with them as they encounter challenges in school, at home and in life in general. By moving them toward truly examining who they are, and the values they hold, you touched the core of the dilemma kids find themselves in so much of the time.

You were a great example to me, and your wisdom is truly invaluable."

Pat Palmer
Director of Family Services, Unity Church

"Your enthusiasm and expertise was evident immediately! Your presentation involved all of our sales representatives. I would highly recommend you and your seminar to any organization or person who wishes to reduce stress levels in their life."

Eileen Schulman,
Program Coordinator , Paychex

 "We invited Dr. Schillinger to help us reduce our stress, and in one hour he had us laughing – something that had not been heard in the office for quite some time. He gave us tools to take better care of ourselves so that we could serve our customers the passion again!” 

Gayle J. Gaston
Associate Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Dr. Mark is a thought leader, social philosopher, public speaker, community leader and a chiropractor specializing in mind-body wellness. An expert in stress management and family dynamics, he is the creator of “The RIGHT Way for Family Unity®”, a method that helps families enjoy more caring and cooperative relationships.  

Dr. Schillinger has presented over 1000 workshops and keynote speeches, and has performed approximately 200 music concerts. His programs are focused in the fields of personal growth, physical health, stress management, family unity and organizational development. Dr. Schillinger is a performance presenter – an energetic motivator and a transformational educator who entertains his audience with live music and laughter. His holistic approach to teaching includes PowerPoint, open forum discussion, role playing, storytelling, ceremonies and handouts in order to accelerate the learning experience. 

His pioneering work in neuro-science and stress management, earned him the California State Board of Chiropractic Examiners distinction to teach a continuing education course called, Adjusting the Mind Seminar. The seminar is attended by health professionals who want to show their patients how to use mindfulness-based stress reduction strategies with their patients and for themselves.

His articles have been published in a variety of newspapers and magazines and he served as an advisory member of the International Journal of Holistic Health. 

Dr. Schillinger has helped thousands of people with his gift of converting complex problems into understandable concepts, and then providing easy-to-follow solutions.
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