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Online Course - Parenting Workshop

8-Week Online Course - Instant Access

8 Video Sessions (watch at your convenience) 
Includes Worksheets, Handouts, Scripts
* see session overview below

$187 per 3 months
$99 per 6 months
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Dynamically Updated
 “I am still on a high from the parenting workshop. Miguel has come home so different, and I’ve been practicing the script already. It’s been amazing. Transformative. Thank you for bringing this to our family.
 Before we met Mark, the three of us were fighting all of the time. Our home life was awful.
Mark’s methods are like having a training manual on how to raise a teenage son. With the aid of direct training with Mark, we’ve experienced a complete turn-around. Now we spend our time together in laughter, discussion and creative pursuits.
 The parenting workshop taught us parenting skills that need to be used in today’s current world in which our sons are growing up in. It takes a community to raise a teen and Mark will guide you how to make it happen for you.
Marcella Hauser
 I left Dr. Mark’s workshop with a plan of action. I’m far more confident in my abilities as a parent to raise a young man.
Bret Smith
 Through heartfelt, truthful sharing, and with the skill of Mark, we went on both a personal and communal journey. The results were profound insights and learned practical strategies for parenting from a place of love and authority with our children.” 
Dan Pomeroy
 “I really appreciated the emphasis on the importance of the parents having a “Way” in their life so that their children can develop their own way. This is a unique perspective… 
It takes a community to raise a teen and Mark will guide you on how to make it happen.” 
Brad Brown


  • ​Zoom Masterclass - How To Relax Your Mind Quickly 
  • Parenting Challenging Children - Audio Series
  • Adapting to Adversity - Video Training
  • ​Special Guest Teachers
  • ​Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT - The Secret to Great Communication With Your Son 
  • ​Richard Platt, LMFT - What Your Son Doesn’t Tell You and Why
Here's What You'll Learn:
  • How to use consequences as a positive way to handle the toughest conflicts with your son
  • How to relax with your spouse and your son in all situations in 15 seconds
  • My 7-step method of communication that fosters a deep connection with everyone in the home
  • How to institute a rite of passage in your home so that your son knows that it’s time for him to transition from boyhood to young adulthood
  • How to help your son discover how his unique brain works so that he knows how to apply his strengths and develop his weaknesses in his personal life, in his relationship with others, and in his efforts at school or at work
  • How to use your influence and authority in a way that nurtures your son’s sense of responsibility and accountability, including the use of consequences as a form of positive discipline
  • How to prepare to launch your son into the world because he’s adept at thinking for himself and becoming more independent
  • How to respectfully communicate with calmness, clarity, conciseness and certainty - without losing authority
  • How to use consequences as a positive way to handle the toughest conflicts with your son
  • A biological understanding of what motivates your son to become more independent
  • How you and your son can celebrate your personal and family victories together
  • BONUS: Parenting Challenging Children  - Audio Series
  • BONUS: Adapting to Adversity - Video Training
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8 Video Sessions (watch at your convenience)

​Session One: overcoming the obstacles of raising teens in a digital society

​Session Two: remaining calm in all stressful situations

​Session Three: communicating to your son without anxiety or nagging

​Session Four: motivating your son to become more resilient and independent

​Session Five: applying your authority and influence effectively

​Session Six: using positive-discipline consequences that work

​Session Seven: putting it all together into an organized method

​Session Eight: implementing the techniques calmly, clearly and with confidence 
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