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Hello, I'm Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC, advocate for young men and a parent coach. I know the feelings of sadness and frustration that a parent feels you're losing touch with your son. I went through the same thing with my teenage son, until I learned how to restore our relationship and guide him to happily be on his own. Gabe is now 30 years old, and I'm thrilled to say we own a business together and are the best of friends. 

Young Men are Suffering

Our sons are at an alarmingly high risk for entitlement, irresponsibility, laziness, struggling in school, legal issues, violence, immature social behaviors and emotional problems - as well as drug, alcohol and digital addiction.

I Understand Young Men

My expertise in helping parents' work more effectively with their challenging sons is grounded in my up-close experiences with thousands of young men. Either I've met with them for private mentoring or I have worked with them at our nonprofit's modern, non-religious, rite of passage initiation event, called the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend.

I've discovered what makes young men withdraw and become disrespectful, what they really need, and what sparks their desire to become responsible and resourceful.

I Can Help You and Your Son

Using my method, The RIGHT Way® for Family Unity, I've successfully helped parents and their sons restore their relationships and help the young men be happier and more independent. The method has been successful, even when working with difficult, defiant and oppositional young men.

Most importantly, the method shows you how to effectively communicate and motivate your son to do the right things so that he can trust you again.

What Motivates Me

I want all parents to have the same fantastic relationship I have with my son. I do this work because I believe that when young men are properly prepared to adapt to the demands of grown up life, they'll do a great job in making the world a safe and prosperous place.

It’s my intention to be your family mentor - I'm available to you and your son until you've learned how to cooperate, and how to help your son develop positive beliefs and productive behaviors.

Please carefully visit the website and see if my approach is right for you.

Dr. Mark


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