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jsThank you for everything you put into the parenting weekend: passion, compassion, energy, sensitivity, creativity, honesty, focus, service, care, humor, and heart!

-Jennifer Steward

Your content is amazing and I felt that as a presenter you were sincere, caring and non-judging.
I learned so much from you.

Diana V. Brito

Dear Mark & Richard,

Just a short email to thank you for coaching my son and I. I am practicing asking PJ the right questions instead of nagging him. It feels better!

I have noticed a SIGNIFICANT difference in my son's attitude over the past few months. It is particularly obvious in social settings, where the formerly shy, reticent, head-hanging, isolating, non-engaging boy has become a young man who looks people in the face, makes jokes, answers questions, laughs and is becoming a joy to have around. Also, at home, he is quicker to complete his chores, and volunteers to help me without being asked!!
Keep doing what you're doing! You totally ROCK!

Amy Villasenor

We all appreciate the powerful parenting workshop you did for us at Unity Church!

Pat Palmer
Director, Youth/ Family Ministry - Unity Church

I loved the humor and compassion you brought to the parenting workshop and the honor and need to do something for the young men.

Nancy Cleary

 I really appreciate your intentions, wisdom and hard work. I have a lot I can work with and act on from what you did cover. Also, it's very cool of you to offer the follow ups. Thank you.

Johanna Piro

 The workshop taught me how to develop a plan that will help me with my life. The information on learning and identifying your values and virtues taught me how to put a voice to my beliefs.

Lupe Iniquez

I truly love the focus on thyself first and then how to work with your children. Dr. Mark taught me how to build a value system and take it down into a belief system that I can implement .

The Ultimate Parenting Weekend was a great experience! Thanks for everything; I especially enjoyed your sense of humor.

Michael Bernal

I enjoyed your energy, humor, meditative musical interludes and the ritual openings to start each day. Your work has great value and I am committed to supporting it. I'm so grateful.

Judy Timmerman

I really appreciated the emphasis on the importance of the parents having a “Way” in their life so that their children can develop their own. This is a unique perspective. Dr. Mark taught us how to develop our values and behaviors and how to help our children do the same. This workshop will help improve my wife’s and my parenting of our daughter.

Brad Brown


PilarMy son Nico is on a good path thanks to you and your amazing talks.

Pilar Garcia


Oh Mark!

The teachings you shared with me yesterday saved me last night in a difficult situation with my son! I am so grateful for you in my life! Thank you so much Mark! Your work is amazing!

Holly Seeler

Last night was a very useful session. I find The RIGHT Way process to be a powerful tool that resonates deeply with me. While I resisted the focus of the discussion on consequences, I ended up finding the discussion of alignment of consequences with virtues and values particularly helpful. I now have the language to more clearly articulate my value of 'diligence' in my son's pursuit of his education. That's so much more useful than simply telling him he can't play X-Box because his homework isn't finished.

Rich Clark


I cannot express how much I appreciated your presentation to our Rite of Passage kids and their mentors yesterday evening. The things you shared and the exercises you did truly captured the essence of our intention in offering this six month program for the youngsters becoming young adults at Unity In Marin. I cannot imagine having had the whole course without what you provided all of us last night!

I know that the questions and exercises you posed for the kids were ones that will stay with them as they encounter challenges in school, at home and in life in general. Moving them toward truly examining who they are, and the values they hold, touched the core of the dilemma kids find themselves in so much of the time.

You were a great example to me, and an invaluable addition to the whole Rite of Passage curriculum. I will do whatever I can to promote the work you are doing. I appreciate your time and your willingness to share your work and who you are.

Rev. Pat Palmer
Youth and Family Programs
Unity In Marin

This weekend exceeded my expectations! I don’t think it could be improved. I love your method.

Kirsten Ritchel

I loved your teaching style, clarity and sensitivity! I learned so many new ways to handle the difficult situations I encounter with my children. Thank you for helping me and my family.

Katherine Weiser

I was inspired by the use of ceremony throughout the weekend. The program was great.

Rick McKinney





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