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Young Men's Ultimate Weekend Testimonials

Thank-you so much for the experience you gave my son. He talked at length about the events of the weekend and he will need continued support to put the RIGHT way values into practice. Thank you!

Lynnette Nerviani
Parent of YMUW Graduate


I was struck and surprised how well he fit into this group, in that it seemed to wear well on him that he could be a leader, be strong, and care all at the same time. I know the bonding he did at the weekend meant a lot to him.

I know the men in my life have benefited greatly from the experiences they have had with YMUW. I’m glad you all dedicate yourselves to this fine enterprise, and I thank you.

Sharon Hamilton
Parent of YMUW Graduate



Mark, thanks very much for all the time and work you put into this past weekend. I very much appreciate the time you took to help Leslie (and me!) clarify our good feeling about the event. Even more, though, I appreciate the work and care and passion you (and so many others) poured into our boys, and specifically, my son, Michael. I think the weekend served him (in ways I can just feel, but can’t altogether put my hands around.)

Terry Patten
Parent of YMUW Graduate


My 21 year-old son did the weekend when he was 16 and it changed his life. He now has and honors a family of his own.

Lori Murray
Parent of YMUW Graduate


I wanted to thank you for all your efforts this last weekend. My son Harry really seemed to prosper from the time with you and the "guys". He was quite engaged and chatty on the ride home about his experience and very open in communicating with the family. This was a complete reverse of his withdrawn stance on Friday night.

Mostly what I sensed was a lightness of heart, as though a weight had been lifted from him. I would equate that to some growth in self-confidence. I feel this weekend gave Harry a new range of men he could use as models.

I just wanted to say thank you - keep up the good work. There is a great need for your work and effort.

Suzanne Patrikus
Parent of YMUW Graduate


Our son got so much out of the Weekend he can't wait to get back out there next year! Thank you!

John and Julia Begley
Parents of YMUW Graduate


Thank-you for your organization; I know that my son, Robert has internalized the principles that you teach, and they will be useful tools for his life path.

Lisa Nielsen
Parent of YMUW Graduate


In having problems with my 17 year old son, I heard about the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend from another parent that had sent their son to this weekend about 10 years ago. She absolutely raved about how it turned her son's life around. So, when the opportunity arose for my son to attend, he refused to go, but I insisted and made him go.

This was the best decision I have ever made AND stood by! My son is now more respectable and has a better attitude towards life. It is absolutely amazing what they do in two nights to change the lives of these young men. Now, a month later, he wants to attend a second Ultimate Weekend and I'm willing to send him!

Joyce Wong Calvi
Parent of YMUW Graduate


It was an honor to spend this last weekend listening, learning, watching, and helping the young men. As important, was the great masculine relationships that came from this event. I was very honored to be a part of this event, and would like to thank every man and young man. Ken Williams, YMUW Volunteer and father of YMUW Graduate

Thank you for creating a sacred space for all the young men this last weekend and every weekend before. When Niq got into the car I was so impressed with everything that I heard! I just listened. Thanks for all the helpful parenting tips also, I needed to hear them all. THANK YOU!!!!

Kathryn Jordan
Parent of YMUW Graduate


Mark, I acknowledge you for your dedication and commitment with the amazing work that you are doing. Creating the ritual for young men to come into themselves as individuals and as a part of a greater Earth/universal community is awesome.

Kristie Batz
Parent of YMUW Graduate


NickEverything that I do revolves around the values that I gained from the YMUW. Now it is a way of life for me. It has given me purpose. Today my life is about what I can do for others. Since my Weekend, I have helped produce six YMUW's. I also mentor young men on a daily basis. I have making sure that we, as a society, don't forget about young men.

Nick Bowden
YMUW Graduate


RyanWhen I graduated high school I found myself unprepared to enjoy the benefits and freedoms of an adult life. I felt like the weight of the world was placed on my shoulders and instead of meeting that challenge I threw up my hands and tried to keep living my life as a child. When I found the men of YMUW they introduced me to a place where I was counted as a peer among them. All they asked of me was to be accountable and open to facing my fears.

Today I partake in advanced YMUW training programs and attend other events they sponsor like the Yoga for Men Conference. I have learned what it means to be a balanced young man who contributes to society and how to keep learning to expand my world. Thank you YMUW and the men that give their time to it!

Ryan Ahrens




We should be investing in male rites of passage like this one to grow healthy young men. Mark Schillinger and his team are doing great work with parenting classes and male rites of passage in the Bay Area. Thanks, Mark, for your great work!

Everado Pedraza



AllaMy son was verbally aggressive to me, giving me the finger and thinking he did not have to anything he didn’t want to. I felt threatened by his behavior. This type of behavior has largely disappeared, being replaced with cooperation and increasing personal responsibility. He has become an open and caring teenager.

He now articulates his needs feelings and needs, and responds to other peoples needs and imperfections with compassion and understanding.

Alla Wood



susansmallMy son, Erik, is now 21 and proudly serving in the USAF - a confident, articulate, young man. He came to his first of six YMUW events at age 13 - confused by his parents' divorce - he was hungry for a role model with good values, compassion and stability. He was given tools to build his own character and found a compass for his life. Our whole family benefited from Erik's experience. I recommend YMUW to any young man who is entering manhood with uncertainty, apathy and fear about his future. The Young Men's Ultimate Weekend can help him determine his own compass for an Ultimate life!

Susan Small






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