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Enlightenment That Is Right For You


What Keeps People from Being Healthy & Happy?
Since the beginning of humankind, two questions have been asked time and time again, “Who am I?" and “What is this existence, or Reality?"

Unless people have discovered the profound answers to these questions in a truly meaningful way, most people will not be truly happy. People need to have a “way” or they may suffer from chronic anxiety, depression, self-doubt, mental stress and physical illness.

How the RIGHT Way Can Help You
The RIGHT Way is an integrated method of self-realization that recognizes that there is no one right way to be personally happy, have successful relationships, raise resilient children or be productive at work. It guides you as you learn to master an authentic, profound life perspective so that you have a clear roadmap for achieving your true potential.

It shows you how to embody your unique viewpoint by helping reveal your highest virtues (your core, ideal qualities) and deepest values (your original definitions of your virtues). The RIGHT Way then shows you how to transform your virtues and values into clear, positive beliefs and creative, productive behaviors.

The method will assist you in practicing your true enlightened philosophy. By becoming the Chief Energy Officer of your life, you’ll be incorporating simple practices that will create a lifestyle which will lead to excellent physical health, mental clarity, spiritual well-being and rewarding relationships.

Enlightenment That’s Right For You

The RIGHT Way is not an organized religion and does not require any adherence to fixed doctrines or specific ways of being. It does not involve striving or searching; it simply shows you how to find your right answers using your own innate Intelligence, and then apply your own wisdom to enrich all areas of your life. It will help you perfect your pursuits of personal fulfillment, family unity and professional success.

These Virtues and Values will direct you in your discovery and development of self-mastery:

Respect -- esteeming with reverence

Intelligence -- applying your intuition and experience into wisdom

Grace -- engaging in heartful acts of courage and courtesy

Humor -- celebrating with amusement and gratitude

True -- living life with integrity

These are the Foundational RIGHT Way Principles

  • People innately know what’s true for them
  • People who live with integrity respect themselves
  • People need to be physically safe and emotionally secure
  • People who creatively express their virtues enjoy inner freedom
  • People who are happy naturally share their resources with others
  • People who honestly voice what’s true for them have no need to offend or defend
  • People need daily routines to give them the energy they need to create, commit, and complete their goals

These practices, called Virtues of Wellness, promote self-exploration, self-expression and ultimately, self-realization:

Physical Health
These activities regulate physical vitality and increase your ability to control your energy:

Breathing – using your breathe to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind

Recreation – exercising your body to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind

Nutrition – eating nourishing foods to maintain vibrant energy

Volunteering – serving without needing anything in return

Organization – efficiently administering your plans and procedures

Mental Well-Being
These activities stabilize emotional control and strengthen your ability to remain true to “Who” you are (your unique virtues & authentic values):

Relaxation – applying mindfulness based stress reduction techniques to quickly calm yourself

Introspection – using self-inquiry to focus your attention on Who you are

Relationships – heartfully sharing resources with others, or receiving resources from others

Grieving – releasing painful or unhealthy beliefs and behaviors

Communication – voicing what’s true for you and accepting what’s true for others

Celebration – filling your life with gratitude and humor

Spiritual Enlightenment
These activities promote inner peace and develop your ability to discover “What” you are (your “Religion”, or how you “re-connect” to Reality as it appears to you): 

Education – curiously exploring the underlying, unifying concepts of science and spirituality

Meditationtechniques to focus your mind on a specific object of attention, or, to relax you mind in an abstract, expansive way

Contemplationtechniques to clear your mind in order to experience the peace of inseparable oneness with Reality

You Can Get it RIGHT

Living a lifestyle filled with great health and true happiness is not just meant for only a few select lucky people throughout history. Having a way, or path, that guides you to easily access your own inner intelligence - the true source of your most authentic wisdom -eliminates your self-doubt and increases your self-respect.

By applying the principles and practices of the RIGHT Way, you can dramatically improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being by consistently living an “enRIGHTened” lifestyle i.e. a way of life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling for you.






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