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Dr. Mark Schillinger DC, is an expert in male teenage adolescent development and a leader in rite of passage initiation for young men. He’s been called “the teen whisperer” because of his ability to skillfully help teens discover their inner wisdom.

His RIGHT Way® for Family Unity is a concrete, proven system that shows adults how to foster respectful and cooperative relationships with challenging young men. The method integrates ancestral family wisdom with the sciences of adolescent brain development, parent bonding, personal growth and stress management.


Most Popular Presentations by Dr. Mark:

Effectively Communicating and Motivating Young Men

Young men are instinctually wired to succeed, but to do that, they need from guidance from adults. This presentation will help adults communicate to young men using “biological language” – not psychological processing. This is the key to motivating a young man to tap into his innate intelligence. This will lead him to do the “right” thing.


Leading Young Men in the RIGHT Direction

With unhealthy media messages and digital dominance, young men become confused about what's most important for their personal and family health. Adults learn how to become “mentors” – in order to lead young men into lives grounded with self-respect, motivation and happiness. The mentors learn how to nurture young men’s values and the positive behaviors that demonstrate them.


Challenging Young Men to Be Happier & More Independent

This workshop will show you why a large portion of the modern approaches to working with young men fall short of their goals. By combining the wisdom of ancestral rites of passage initiations and adolescent male biology, adults will learn how to activate the impulse for young men to become responsible for their lives and the challenges of the adult world.


The RIGHT Way to Handle Family Stress

According to medical literature, 80% of all illness is related to mental stress. Adults and children alike need to know how to quickly relax their brains to prevent them from engaging in unnecessary conflict. As a specialist in stress management, Dr. Mark teaches participants mindfulness - based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques that will calm the mind in just a few seconds.


The RIGHT Way to Have Rewarding Relationships

People want to feel physically safe and emotionally secure in their relationships, eliminating any need to defend themselves or to offend others. Participants are shown how to create intimacy by allowing each other to remain true to themselves while loyally serving the purpose of the relationship.


The RIGHT Way to Unify Your Divorced Family This workshop shows parents how to raise resilient children by teaching them how to set aside their painful emotions and effectively combine their values. Dr. Mark shares how he and his former wife transformed their divorced marriage from arguments to agreements, by dedicating their relationship to teaching their children the values they needed to learn.   Parenting with Integrity Parents feel disheartened when they give up their journey of personal growth and spiritual development in order to meet the demanding responsibilities of family life. Parents learn how to use The RIGHT Way® method to remain true to their virtues and values, by using the challenges of their family life as the way to consistently behave with integrity.   Setting & Completing Your Goals

Accepting that most young men don’t know how to effectively achieve their goals, Dr. Mark shows young men how to make good decisions and then organize their ideas into practical plans and procedures. He also shows them how to use time management skills to implement their projects in the most efficient manner.


Other Presentations by Dr. Mark747a

  • Mindfulness Training for Adults and Youth
  • The RIGHT Way to Mentor Young Men
  • Raising Children with Feminine and Masculine Wisdom
  • The 5 Forces That Make it Difficult to Raise Young Men
  • Stop Parenting, Start Mentoring
  • Teaching Young Men Relationship Skills
  • Parenting Effectively In the Era of Digital Dominance
  • The Role of Male Initiation
  • Skillfully Using Authority, Influence & Consequences


Educational & Entertaining Presentations

Whether Dr. Mark is teaching a weekend workshop, consulting with a small group, training mentors, or delivering a keynote presentation, he uses a "performance presenter" style of teaching. He’s an energetic motivator and a transformational educator who engages the audience with wisdom and laughter. His integral approach to teaching includes PowerPoint presentation, open forum discussion, storytelling, role playing, live music and handouts to involve everyone in the learning experience.

Presentations for parents can include either Rochelle Newman and/or Suzanne Alfandari. 

Rochelle Newman has been a relationship coach for twenty one years. In workshops with Dr. Mark, she shows parents how to enjoy more cooperation and connection.

Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT, is a family therapist and Dr. Mark’s former wife. They remain close friends and enjoy helping other divorced parents remove their barriers and restore family unity.rochelle_suzanne
Rochelle Newman, Relationship Coach                                 Suzanne Alfandari, LMFT           


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