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There's lots of reasons parents are having the hardest time in history raising their sons to be happy and productive. One of them is that parents no longer have the support of the "village" to model the right values young men need to consistently observe and copy.

Societies used to benefit from reliable mentors, who showed their sons how to use their masculine wisdom as the way to enjoy both their own self-respect and the respect from their family and community. In today's world of media mania, commercialism and instant gratification, families are losing the attention of their sons. The result is a household of conflict and decaying relationships.

Having Dr. Mark's mentorship for both the parents and their sons can re-establish a caring and cooperative bond. Without outside help, our sons are at an alarmingly high risk for entitlement, irresponsibility, laziness, poor scholastic performance, emotional problems as well as drug, alcohol and digital addiction.

Dr. Mark's expertise using The RIGHT Way® method will give families the knowledge, techniques and resources they need to lead their sons toward a successful adulthood.


The two best ways to move your family in the right direction are to:

1. Join one of our three Membership Programs These programs include: our monthly newsletter, monthly interviews, videos, podcasts, tele-seminars, webcasts, lots of articles, live coaching, and phone calls. All will provide you with useful, clear information to immediately help you deal with this son of yours, whom you love so much, but may be driving you crazy.

2. Get One- on-One Coaching for you and your son


Even as a non-member, you will always have free access to our blogs as well as to some of the podcasts, articles, tele-seminars and webinars.


Please review the testimonials from both our parents and our young men to see how our RIGHT Way® method has positively impacted the lives of all family members, helping to move everyone in the right direction, together.


Over the years, lots of parents have been referred to me by friends of theirs who’ve been really happy with my coaching work. Unfortunately, some of the parents who called were not able to afford the private coaching sessions.

I decided to make my coaching skills more available to parents by creating a series of three valuable membership options. This allows parents to choose how much they want to spend, while still getting valuable tips and techniques to deal with a challenging teenage son.


You choose how much information and help you get, by joining at a level that's right for you. We understand that as your home situation improves, your level of participation may also change. No problem. You can always change levels. And, if you are not 100% satisfied with these levels of participation, you can cancel at any time.

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Our most important Gold Level benefit:

Every month, you'll receive these useful tools, all focused on helping you successfully deal with the issues that you're facing right now. As a Member, you'll get access to the Member Only Page, with these MONTHLY BENEFITS:

  • Our informative monthly newsletter, featuring articles by Dr Mark and by other leading parenting experts,
  • An interview with Dr. Mark and parenting experts, (delivered as a podcast), to help you raise your challenging teenage son,
  • Two monthly blogs by Dr Mark
  • Two podcasts with Dr Mark
  • Two “whiteboard” talks where Dr Mark summarizes his live sessions with both parents and sons


  • Newsletters filled with insightful tips and techniques
  • Interviews with guest experts, delivered as a podcast
  • All of Dr Mark’s lively and informative blogs
  • Podcasts, recorded twice a month by Dr Mark
  • Whiteboard” sessions
  • Articles by Dr Mark
  • Dr Mark's classes and workshops - in a video format. Watch his live classes when ever you want. 






1) You get all of the monthly Gold Level benefits PLUS:

2) You get two, 1 hour tele-coaching calls per month. What’s different here is that there are only ten parents on each Diamond Level call, which means that you'll get more personalized attention._Spacer



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1) You get all of the monthly Gold Level benefits PLUS:

2) You will also receive face-to-face, in person, insight and advice from Dr. Mark.

You will participate in two, live, 90 minute, group coaching sessions per month. These group coaching sessions are limited to just ten parents.

In these group sessions, you'll get Dr. Mark’s personal attention. You will also get to hear about the problems that other parents are facing and what they're doing to deal with them. We extend our “face-to-face” opportunity with the use of Skype, so even parents who are at a distance can join us.



A4Dr. Mark does not use traditional ”talk therapy”, which often falls short of its goals, especially when working with young men. He uses The RIGHT Way® method of education, which uses a “biological and personal growth” model (and a healthy dose of tribal wisdom), in order to improve family dynamics. By avoiding complicated psychological concepts, he shows parents how to more effectively handle the toughest issues they're facing in raising their challenging teenage son.

His expertise is grounded in his up-close and personal experiences with thousands of young men who've seen him for private mentoring or who have worked with him at his nonprofit's rite of passage initiation event (the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend) (link to YMUW). He's learned what young men really need, what they really want, and how parents can effectively communicate and motivate their sons to do the right things.



During the sessions with families, Dr. Mark skillfully combines the discipline of tough love, the compassion of tender love and the guidance of mentor love. When working with parents, Dr. Mark shows parents how to maintain their authority and influence while teaching them how to reduce competitive conflict and increase cooperation.

His ultimate goal is to transform the parents and son's values into positive beliefs and productive behaviors, laying the foundation for their son to become independent. His coaching has helped many homes reduce friction and become a more positive, peaceful place.


The first session with Dr Mark and the parents is 90 minutes long. It costs $275.

The goal of the first session is to make an assessment of the root problems between the parents. Dr. Mark will also make a comprehensive appraisal of the quality of the relationship between the parents and their son. He'll learn more about the trials and tribulations of the son, with the intention of avoiding any unnecessary spending on therapists, doctors, medications, or therapeutic boarding schools. During this first session, he'll also determine if there are any medical or psychological issues that need to be addressed by other health care professionals.

After completing his evaluation, Dr. Mark will recommend an action plan which will focus on how he can best help the parents and their son move the son's life in the right direction. Most importantly, in the first session, there will be guidance on how to make simple, practical, positive changes with the challenging son.




Unless there's an immediate emergency with the son (violent behavior, drug, alcohol or digital addiction, failing in school, severe depression), Dr. Mark, using The RIGHT Way® method, will work first with the parents for approximately 6 sessions.

Each subsequent session (after the assessment) is 55 minutes and costs $200.



Arrow clearly define their values so their son understands them
Arrow maximize their masculine and feminine gender roles, so the son has a greater sense of clarity and security
Arrow minimize their in-fighting and disagreements with each other
Arrow stop reacting to their son's defiant behavior
Arrow demonstrate (adult) choices instead of (childish) consequences
Arrow foster daily cooperation with their son
Arrow respect and channel their son's biological wisdom
Arrow stop treating their sons like boys by mentoring their sons to become independent






Dr. Mark will work with your son after Dr. Mark is clear about the exact values the parents wish to instill in their son. Once he's convinced that the parents are willing and able to use the skills that he's taught them, he'll begin working with the young man. This typically occurs between 4th and the 6th session between Dr Mark and the parents.

Dr. Mark is a huge advocate for young men, holding them in a high regard. However, he does not sugar coat the challenges of adulthood and the skills they'll need to learn to be successful on their own. Dr Mark is frank with them that their indifference or aggressiveness will not help them to face a demanding future. At the same time, he provides a safe space for them so that they can freely voice what's true for them. He's expert at getting them to really express all of their past pains and frustrations. This helps the son to calm down and open him up to listening to other ways of thinking and behaving.

Dr. Mark uses a mentoring model whose foundation is the belief that young men don't need to be fixed. He'll help them discover who they are and how to interact with society in a way that allows them to get what they want, while giving others what they need.



Arrow discover their values and develop their strengths by participating in healthy activities

Arrow ask for help without losing self-respect

Arrow turn their disinterest into self-motivation

Arrow harness their biological urge to get out into the world

Arrow overcome their fears of failure and rejection

Arrow minimize lying and maximize honesty

Arrow acquire the skills they'll need to become independent



1. Purchase each session as you determine necessary. Each session is $200.

2. Purchase 12 Sessions for $2150 (a $2,400 value)

A typical series of coaching sessions with Dr Mark is: 6 sessions with the parents, 4 sessions with the son (by himself) and 2 sessions with both parents and son.

3. Have “Dr Mark For a Day” for $1,900

If you decide that you need intensive attention, then you can have Dr. Mark spend a day with you and your family. This is from 8 am to 8 pm. Of course, you would need to have a few private sessions before, in order to gain maximum value from this kind of focus.





We understand that you are under a lot of stress dealing with your son. We're here to help and always welcome your calls (at 415- 785-8818) and mails. (at





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