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Transforming Conflict to Cooperation

One Way to Stop Spoiling Our Sons

August 6, 2015
In my experience, the truth of the matter is that parents are partly responsible for “creating” sons that are indifferent, lazy or entitled. I say that with “no blame.” You see, I know that parents are extremely motivated to help their sons have the best chance for being ...

What Was Your First Music Album, And How Did Your Parents React?

April 14, 2015
When I first started listening to my own music in the early 60’s (rock n’ roll & blues), I remember my father asking me why I liked Carlos Santana so much. I told him I especially loved the rhythm because it always made me feel happier. Although he preferred to listen to the news ...

What Happened To The Vitality Of Our Sons?

March 15, 2015
What a crazy paradox: Not long ago, young men, (ages 15 – 25) were considered to be at their peak of physical health. Older men would marvel at the physical capabilities of the younger males, longing to be able to have the strength and stamina they once possessed. Now, many young men are ...

The Best Valentine Gift for Your Teenage Son

March 15, 2015
A teenage young man with parents – whether divorced or not - in unfulfilling or difficult relationships will often think that intimate relationships are nearly impossible. His profound disappointment and sadness often leads the young man to believe that life will always be hard. Parents ...

Why Young Men Need Safe Places to Take Risks

March 15, 2015
A few days ago, I was driving to a nearby strip mall to pick up some food for dinner. I was enjoying an unusually quiet time, focused on the music that was playing. My attention was not on my usual “to do” list. When I made the right turn into the parking lot, I noticed two young men, ...

A Boy’s Initiation into Dudehood

March 14, 2015
I’m blessed to have my best friend, Steve, as a roommate in my house. That means I also get to frequently interact with his twin boys, Jacob and Benjamin, who just turned seven years old. As their “Uncle Mark”, I’ve participated with them in a variety of ways: being ...

What Africa Can Teach Us about Parenting Our Sons

February 26, 2015
In order to raise their sons to know how to overcome life’s adversities, parents need to trust their own biological instincts. It was an incredible experience trusting my life to a young African man. I was recently thinking back to a journey I took to Kenya eight years ago. I was at the ...

3 Things Young Men Learn From Initiation Rituals

February 26, 2015
Helping young men be at peace with themselves, overcome their fears, and make the world a better place At the root of many of today’s social, political and economic challenges is a crisis in masculinity that begins when powerful men lack the skills and support to create a safe environment ...

Did You Train Your Son to Become The House Lawyer?

November 11, 2014
Last night, I taught a course, “Stress Management for Parents – Increase Your Energy and Effectiveness.” We teach parents how to first become masterful using their energy to improve their well-being, and then, next, improve the well-being of the family. One of the reasons why ...

Without Young Men There Is No World Series

October 21, 2014
For the most part, the World Series is played by young men, many of them the same age as your sons – late teens to late 20s. The reason these young men made it to the big leagues is because there were parented and/or coached using a specific set of virtues and values. It’s that ...

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Transforming Conflict to Cooperation
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