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The RIGHT Skills Program

Mentoring Young Men be Happier & More Independent

Our sons are alarmingly susceptible for laziness, irresponsibility, feeling entitled, struggling at school, and emotional issues – as well as drug, alcohol and digital addiction. There are so many “forces” working against parents who are trying to raise teenage sons - digital domination, drug addiction and social media exploration – that parents need help showing their sons how to become successful in life.

What is The Solution? MENTORSHIP
A thriving transition from boyhood into manhood requires young men to have a “way”, or path, that guides them through the turbulent times of their adolescence. Dr. Mark shows young men how to use his RIGHT Way® method to help them channel their energy to become more responsible for their physical health and mental well-being.

For sixteen years, Dr. Mark has successfully mentored young men, giving them the tools they need to increase their life-skills and the self-confidence necessary to overcome adversity and move into adulthood. Whether your son is highly motivated to be successful or strongly resistant to self-improvement, Dr. Mark knows how to create an environment where your son can speak freely without fear of criticism, and how to then challenge him to have a more fulfilling and meaningful life.

Right Skills

It’s a pre-requisite that young men attend the first module, Discovering & Mastering Who You Are.
Young men are encouraged to attend all of the modules, yet they can attend any single module, or any combination of modules.
TIME: Each module is taught on selected Tuesdays from 4 PM – 6 PM (PT). 
LOCATION: The CTS office is at 1050 Northgate Dr. Ste. 1, San Rafael, CA. 94903. 
COST: $70/module, or $225 for all 5 modules (Reg. $275)
Includes handouts, worksheets, snacks, phone calls, and guest instructors
* This program is open to young men ages 13 - 22

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Dr. Mark Schillinger, DC has been called “the teen whisperer” because of his ability to help teens discover their inner wisdom. He’s an expert in male adolescent development and a leader in rite of passage initiation for young men. Dr. Mark is an advocate for youth, both as the co-founder of the non-profit, Young Mens Ultimate Weekend, and as a private mentor. He’s an accomplished parent coach, teaching parents how to best use their values to maximize their authority and influence with their sons. Dr. Mark is the creator of The RIGHT Way®, a personal growth method that guides people to realize their true potential.

The RIGHT Way for Family Unity was created by Dr. Mark to shows parents how to restore caring and mutually beneficial relationships with their challenging teenage sons.  

What is the RIGHT Skills Program?
The purpose of the program is to mentor young men to help develop their personal, social, financial and academic skills. Each session includes brief lectures, open forum discussion, role–playing exercises, fun, physical movement, and healthy snacks.

In addition to the in-person workshop modules, Dr. Mark will provide follow-up phone sessions with the young men to guide them through their journey of self-improvement. There will also be guest instructors, who bring their own special skill sets to help your son move forward in life.

Module 1: Discovering & Mastering Who You Are - August 7

Recognizing there is no one “right way” to be happy or healthy, Dr. Mark helps each young man discover his own authentic values, which will help to better ground him, as he learns how to develop his own unique positive beliefs and productive behaviors.

$ 70.00


Module 2: Decreasing Your Stress & Increasing Your Energy - August 14

Acknowledging that young men suffer from stress, Dr. Mark shows young men how to successfully deal with conflict. He will teach them stress reduction techniques including Mindfulness meditation, anger management skills, nutritional counseling, and home exercise routines.

$ 70.00


Module 3: Setting & Completing Your Goals - August 21

Accepting that young men don’t know how to effectively achieve their goals, Dr. Mark helps young men use their weaknesses and strengths in order to teach them how to make good decisions. He will then show them how to use time management skills to implement their decisions in the most efficient manner.

$ 70.00


Module 4: Improving Your Relationship Skills - August 28

Understanding that young men must learn how to have healthy relationships, Dr. Mark teaches young men how to be respectful of others, how to clearly communicate what’s true for them, and how to resolve differences with more cooperation, and less conflict.

$ 70.00


Module 5: Getting a Job & Managing Your Money - September 4

Young men hate applying for jobs. Realizing that young men think they’re not good enough and they worry about rejection, Dr. Mark explains to young men what employers want from applicants. He’ll then outline the steps necessary to get a job, including how to dress, what to say, how to fill out forms and how to follow-up after an interview.

$ 70.00


Get All 5 Right Skills Modules and Save!

When you sign up for all of the Right Skills Modules you will save $55!

$ 295.00


Here is what one young man has to say about the
RIGHT Skills Program:

Note: Parents are encouraged - not required - to have one private coaching session with Dr. Mark before their son begins the RIGHT Skills Program, and one session immediately after he completes the program. These sessions will give the parents the tools they’ll need to support their son to become more mature, happier and independent.

For more details about these sessions, contact Dr. Mark at (415) 785 – 8818 or at info@ChallengingTeenageSons.com.

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