This workshop will show you how to handle the toughest challenges 
facing you and facing your son

Raising Your Son to Be Happy,
Responsible & Resilient
Without Nagging, Yelling or Punishing_Spacer


August 23-25; Campbell, CA
November 8-9; San Rafael, CA

* All workshops cover the same material; 3 day workshops are in conjunction with YMUW

To learn more about the agenda of the workshop and how it will help you communicate and motivate your son more effectively, click here.

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Right for you if

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This Workshop Is Right For You If You Want Your Son To Have:

circle arrow_Spacer Respect for himself (the foundation for happiness)
circle arrow_Spacer Increased relaxation about his fears
circle arrow_Spacer Trust in his values to minimize peer pressure
circle arrow_Spacer Wisdom to channel his primal instincts constructively
circle arrow_Spacer Healthy attitudes & appropriate skills to adapt to adversity
circle arrow_Spacer Mutually beneficial relationships with both sexes
circle arrow_Spacer Willpower to ask for help
circle arrow_Spacer Insight to make intelligent life choices
circle arrow_Spacer Greater confidence to express himself creatively


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Why the Cost is So Affordable: $295

Over the years, lots of parents have been referred to me by friends of theirs who’ve been happy with the results from my workshops and coaching. Unfortunately, some of the parents who called were not able to afford my services.

What motivates me to do this work is my belief that the world will be safer and more prosperous when parents can teach their sons to take better care of themselves. It's that Purpose which prompted my decision to make my workshops more available to parents who need tips and techniques to deal with their challenging teenage son.

Guarantee By lunch time Saturday, if you don’t think that this workshop is right for you, you'll get a full refund back. No problem.

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Really Important

It's not reasonable for parents to think that by attending this workshop, both they and their sons are going to favorably respond overnight. How can we help your son more directly? By having him attend a really unique weekend experience.



By sending your son to a modern, non-religious rite of passage initiation that I founded (called the Young Men's Ultimate Weekend), your son will learn some of the same philosophy and technology that you will in the parenting workshop. With parents and sons communicating in the same language, the natural individuation process of the son will be a lot smoother, with less friction, better teamwork and more respect.Click here to check out the site!



When I'm teaching family specialists to do this work, I emphasize most young men are resistant to talk therapy because they can't just sit down in an office and automatically become emotional about things that sadden, anger or frustrate them. I show therapists, educators and parents how to create an environment where young men feel safe to experience the altered and often uncontrollable state of grief.

I explain why the biological impulses of challenging young men are more powerful than the psychological processes adults try to put them through. In the workshop, I share the strategies I use to get young men to open up and honestly voice what's true for them.

I'm happy to say I have (with the help of my former wife, Suzanne) successfully parented my challenging teenage son, Gabe, and my challenging teenage daughter, Becca, to become happy and productive adults. I could not be more proud of them or more in love with them. I am thrilled and honored to share the technology with you so that you too may enjoy a family filled with peace, love and trust.


I want to hear from you! I'll do my best to personally be available to speak with you if you have any questions about the workshop. Contact me at (415) 785 - 8818 or at

I hope to see you at the workshop!


Dr. Mark